The Cohen-Rutkowski Mix plays pianist Chris Rutkowski's original, "Double Barrel Rhythm Thing" (©2014 Chris Rutkowski ASCAP).

Video: Jim Geiman
Audio Mix/Master: Chris Rutkowski
Kingston's Music Showcase


The Cohen-Rutkowski Project

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The Cohen-Rutkowski Project

CRProjectMerrimans242The Cohen-Rutkowski Project is a high-energy acoustic jazz ensemble combining a large proportion of original compositions with classic pieces from the tradition. Listeners have drawn comparisons to the compositionally-oriented Dave Brubeck group, groovy hard-bop groups such as The Jazz Messengers as well as genre-expanders like the Roy Hargrove Quintet. The band regularly performs at Merriman's Playhouse (South Bend) and in concert venues such as the Indy Jazz Fest, the Jazz Kitchen, the Indianapolis Central Library, the Indianapolis Artsgarden, and the Carmel Clay Public Library.

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