The Cohen-Rutkowski Mix plays pianist Chris Rutkowski's original, "Slow Train to Chicago" (© 2019 Chris Rutkowski ASCAP).

Video: Jim Geiman
Audio Mix/Master: Chris Rutkowski
Kingston's Music Showcase

The Cohen-Rutkowski Mix

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The Cohen-Rutkowski Mix

CRMixSoda3317232wThe Cohen-Rutkowski Mix is an offshoot of the Cohen-Rutkowski Music collection, specializing in R&B and strong electric grooves geared toward the club scene. Tunes from Motown, Al Green, the Stylistics and Stevie Wonder on one end, balanced with the jazz response from groups like The Crusaders on the other. Add to the mix a generous dose of originals, and you have a recipe that has delighted audiences throughout the state. The band regularly performs at Club Soda (Fort Wayne) and at events such as the Penrod Art Fair Gala and private functions at the Indiana State Museum.

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